Erase All Kittens and Techfugees Are Helping Syrian Girls Code | Technology

More than 10 million Syrians have been displaced and hundreds of thousands have been killed in the civil war which has been ongoing since about 2011. Among these populations are many children who have missed out on receiving a consistent education. A nonprofit called Techfugees has teamed up with the makers of a game called “Erase All Kittens” to give girls in Syria greater opportunities – and an opportunity for online fun -- by teaching them to code...

Let the Sunshine In, for the Benefit of All

Low- and moderate-income households bear heavy housing and energy cost burdens. In the United States, people with low incomes spend about three times more of their income on energy than those with higher incomes. Moreover, these households are much less likely to reap the benefits of converting to solar power. But now, a study from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has identified three approaches that effectively expand the availability of rooftop solar to people in lower income ...

Rechargeable Water-based Grid Battery Could Store Wind and Solar Power | Technology

Researchers in the lab of Stanford Materials Scientist Yi Cui have created a water-based chemical reaction-battery that is able to store power for later use, and it may serve as a helpful grid solution in balancing out the volatility of renewable energy sources like wind and solar. With an affordable, rechargeable battery like the one this team of scientists is developing, excess solar and wind power can be saved up for when the weather isn’t providing energy or when electricity demand is high.

Why Indie Artists are Turning to Tokenization on the Blockchain

Independent artists like Casey Pearl of London are taking control of their own music brand and distribution with blockchain technology. In Pearl’s case, she has created a PEARL Token through SingularDTV’s Tokit dApp (app based on decentralized technology). This process affords her greater authority and creative freedom in regard to the production and release of her music and in how she interacts with supporters and fans.
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