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Earth Island Journal

Land as Canvas: When farming and art intersect

When artists use the land as their canvas, wonderful, organic creations are brought to life. Farm and landscape art exist at the vital and fertile intersection of cultivation and visual art, and result in land-based creations that allow viewers, artists, farmers, and visitors alike to interact with the landscape in new ways. Site and crop selection are often the driving forces behind agricultural designs, but along with functionality, the organization of farm crops naturally has an aesthetic cr
Women You Should Know®

Tech-Girls Founder Kim Wilkens Is Paving The Way For Girls In Computer Science

By Julia Travers – Kim Wilkens’ professional journey in technology has taken her from IBM to independent tech consulting, to teaching technology in school and non-profit settings. She is the co-coordinator of the computer science initiative at St. Anne’s-Belfield School in Charlottesville, Virginia and founded Tech-Girls in 2012, a nonprofit that brings hands-on tech-related programming to girls, encouraging their interest in STEM fields. Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of speaking...

Nik West: “I am making ME.”

Featured Work 1: Nik West playing Michael Jackson’s Get On The Floor-she says, “Great bass line by the late great Louis Johnson! I added a few more percussive notes and ghost notes than the original just to add more of a drum feel to it.” Also check out this song she wrote called LOUIS J here— the first video I ever saw of Nik West and it is amazing. Nik West is a genuine wonder. Her talent mesmerizes, her style excites, and her music moves and transports us in a deep and vibrant manner. I da