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Ocean Expeditions: News from The Ocean Cleanup and Oceanographer Julia Reisser

In just a few years, The Ocean Cleanup has come a long way. It was four years ago that then teenager Boyan Slat introduced his soon-to-be viral ocean cleanup concept during a TEDx Talk, and in 2013 The Ocean Cleanup was founded. Below, read about a few of their incredible recent milestones along the road to the Pacific Cleanup, which they plan to start in 2020. A special thanks to Oceanographer Julia Reisser...

The 2015 World Education Forum and Gender Equality in Education

The 2015 World Education Forum took place May 19-22 in Incheon in the Republic of Korea, with an aim to plan for the next 15 years of global education policy and a goal to develop “equitable and inclusive quality education and lifelong learning for all by 2030.” The forum had 5 key themes: the right to education, equity in education, inclusive education, quality education, and lifelong learning. Participants included government representatives from over 100 countries, as well as members of many
The Charter for Compassion

Compassionate Botswana: The Botho Compassion Movement Works in Jwaneng Squatter Camps

In Botswana, the first country to sign the Charter for Compassion in 2013, The Botho Compassion Movement is serving homeless families in Jwaneng squatter camps. Botho, or, "Motho ke motho ka batho" means in Swetsana, "I am because you are." In Jwaneng, 200 people are living in squatter camps. Magdalena Whoolery, Founder of the Botho Compassion Movement and a Nurse with a PhD in Health Studies, led and wrote a summary of a mission visit in October delivering supplies to these camps.