Tracing the Rain: Can Measuring Evaporation Help Farmers?

Accurately capturing a raindrop’s journey to the ground is tricky business. Evaporation can cause a raindrop to shrink between the time it is captured by radar in a cloud and when it hits a farmer’s field, and this can make it hard to rely on radar-based rainfall estimations in some areas. Researchers from the University of Missouri in Columbia are taking a closer look at evaporation. With the use of specialized weather algorithms ...

How a Conservation Funder Protects One of the World's Last Great Wildernesses

This is not an easy time for environmentalists in the United States. The current GOP majority in Washington, D.C., heavily favors fossil fuel industries and is waging an intense attack on environmental regulations. At the local level, where these attacks have myriad ramifications, diverse leaders from government, business and civil society often work together on environmental issues, especially in relation to climate change and land conservation.
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