How a Conservation Funder Protects One of the World's Last Great Wildernesses

This is not an easy time for environmentalists in the United States. The current GOP majority in Washington, D.C., heavily favors fossil fuel industries and is waging an intense attack on environmental regulations. At the local level, where these attacks have myriad ramifications, diverse leaders from government, business and civil society often work together on environmental issues, especially in relation to climate change and land conservation.

Picnic Redux: Citizen Scientists Invite Ants to Lunch

Would you ask an ant to join you for lunch? A team of researchers at North Carolina State University in Raleigh calls on citizen scientists around the world to flip the picnic concept – they want us to feed the ants. By counting ants, recording their meal preferences, and sending in data, you can help Dr. Magdalena Sorger and her colleagues better understand what foods ants have access to around the world.
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