My poetry is published in: 

Heron Tree Poetry Journal; The Journal of Wild Culture (upcoming in 2018); Contemporary American Voices; Blueline Literary Magazine; Streetlight Magazine; Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review; The William and Mary Review; Kudzu Literary Magazine; The Compassion Anthology; Whurk Magazine; Birds Piled Loosely Press; Echo World Magazine; Postcard Poems and Prose Magazine; Sky Island Journal; the book, "Open to Interpretation" from Liberty Town Arts; The Big Windows Review; The Eclectic Literary Magazine; The Escarp Review; tenderness, yea; Healing Forest; and by the creative women's rights groups, Racket and Period Piece.

My fiction is published with Whurk Magazine and The Gallery. 

I won the Glenwood Clark Fiction Prize and Kutzleben Fiction Writing Contest. I was also honored with the Haunted Waters Press Short Shorts Competition Honorable Mention and was a Glimmer Train Short Story Prize Finalist.

I have published numerous essays, including with The Mindfulness Bell, a publication of Plum Village with Thich Nhat Hanh; with Sharon Salzberg's Meditation Challenge; and The Yoga and Body Image Coalition. My article, "Yoga Verse: Poses and Poetry for the Yogi and Reader," was published by On Being with American Public Radio.

Please use the contact page if you are interested in reading more samples.